SCCARC HF Net Control Script

Monday Morning HF Net

Calling all Amateurs:

This is the Sun City Center Monday Morning net. My name is: YOUR NAME, my call is: YOUR CALL and I will be net control for this session of our Monday Morning Net.

This net meets every Monday Morning at 9:20 A.M. on the 20 meter frequency of 14.282 MHz and is open to all amateurs who are invited and encouraged to check in.

The purpose of this net is to discuss anything of interest to the amateur community and to run a weekly check on the radios available in the event of an emergency. This is a controlled net, so please direct calls to net control.

Before we start the net, is there any emergency or priority traffic?

I will now call for general check-ins. Please give your call and name SLOWLY, using phonetics. Net control will acknowledge each station as they check-in, so please wait for net control to acknowledge the prior station before checking in.

Running the Net:

After all have checked in and you have written down the call letters and name, go back to the top of the list and ask for comments.

During the net, pause and ask for further check-ins.

To close the Net:

Are there any last check-ins before I proceed to close the net?

I appreciate all those who checked-in to today's net and hope you will join us again next week. This is YOUR CALL, closing this session of the Sun City Center Net.