Two keys are used by SCCARC, one for the doors to the KE4ZIP Radio Room and one which opens two storage cabinets located over the operating positions.

Keys to the two storage cabinets are issued to club officers and those designated by the Executive Committee as having need to access these cabinets.

Keys for the doors to the Radio Room are issued to all members who have assigned tasks within, or desires access to the Radio Room. A five dollar ($5.00) deposit is required, and will be refunded upon return of the key.

Non residents who have been granted Participation Rights are not eligible to have keys, however in the event a non resident is assigned Host and/or Net Control duty requiring access to the Radio Room, or in emergency the Executive Committee may issue keys to those who have Participation Rights for the duration of their duty assignment. They must be returned at the conclusion of their duty assignment or emergency.

The Treasurer distributes keys, keep records of who has keys, and administers the deposit funds.

Updated: sept. 13, 2012