The CA required, during the writing of the revised By-laws, that non residents of Sun City Center could not be Members. SCCARC insisted that a small number of non residents were necessary to fulfill our Homeland Security role in South County. It was agreed that SCCARC could grant "Participation Rights" to non residents with CA written approval.

The Executive Committee has approved the following definition of "Participation Rights" as it applies to the day to day operation of our Club.

Licensed Amateurs who are non residents of SCC and are granted "Participation Rights" may participate in club activities as follows:

Attend Club Meetings, training sessions and classes, serve in an advisory capacity on disaster planning committees, and attend Club social activities.

Actively participate in "on the air" drills using their own and/or SCCARC equipment if such use is deemed to be necessary to fulfill the exercise requirements.

They may not hold office in the Club nor do they have voting rights. They will not be issued keys to the radio room or storage cabinets, however in the event a non resident is assigned Net Control duty requiring access to the Radio Room or during an actual emergency, keys may be issued by action of the Executive Committee, but are to be returned at the conclusion of the assignment or emergency. (Note Key Policy)