Amateur Radio Club of Sun City Center, FL

Amateur Radio Station

Is operated by the Amateur Radio Club of Sun City Center, FL

Locally the club operates VHF/UHF Repeaters 2 meters 147.225+ & 70 cm 443.250+
Both repeaters require pl 146.2 ---Weekly net = Tuesday evening net 7:30 PM

Radio Room Phone 813-642-2071

SCCARC - 20M Net  14.282MHz Mondays-9:20 AM - 10:00AM (local-E)

During emergencies we would operate this net daily

Computer, VHF Radios with D Star

SCC ARC - Emergency News and Updates

During times of emergency/disasters  occuring in our Tampa Bay area  when usual communication modes - telephone - internet - are out and you cannot contact SCC. Our Emergency News page will be updated regularly via amateur radio.

Check this web site

For latest situation in Sun City Center. Besure to mark this  URL in your favorite list. Click EMERGENCY NEWS in above menu . Connect to the following for latest hurricane information

Sun City Center Amateurs regularly check into one or more of the following nets
Woodpeckers Net 40 meters 7.242 MHz daily at 0800 ET
Bathrobe Net 20 meters 14.235.5 MHz M-F 0800 ET
Milwaukee Florida Net 20 meters 14.290 M-F 0700-0800 ET
New England Party Line - 14.293 M-F 0700-0730 ET

Health & Welfare Messages

We have created a special e-mail address, to be used by persons desiring Health and Welfare information from Sun City Center Amateurs. These e-mail messages will be retrieved by designated responders who will contact Sun City Center Amateurs by whatever means possible. In Menu above - click on Emergency Info "Inquiries" for instructions to send messages - Health and Welfare Queries Requests only.

To contact Club Officials regarding various club activities use the address shown below

Sun City Center Equipment room

Our 2 Meter Repeater System Radios
Operates 147.225+ with 146.2 PL


Conference Tables in Radio Room, HF Stations in background

Radio Room is located in Community Association Maintainnance Building, a fairly new building designed for 125 mph winds during huricanes.


HF Equipment:

Cabinets & and work bench with Repeater Console on the right

VHF Equipment:


Emergency Kits: