SCCARC objective is to support local 1st responder

groups with their communication needs in the event of a disaster.

These local groups include (see attached chart for scc groups).

All local radio emergency traffic goes through the Sun City Center Amateur Radio Club.


    Each of the SCC responder groups has their own radios and frequencies.

    KP Security and Community Association have their own business radios. The SCCARC is given a CA radio as a communications link in an emergency.

    Hillsborough County Fire Rescue uses their own talk-about radios and can (barely) relay traffic to the Riverview station, and so on back to the EOC. CERT Tampa hams now man the City of Tampa engine stations to avoid this problem, but Hillsborough CERT has not yet been tasked with this duty by HCFR. If CERT or some other group needed to talk with EMS, they would call the 147.225 Net Control Station and ask to go direct. CERT now has own antenna pre-positioned and EMS squad has back-up VHF antenna on their training building. Each Sun City Center Emergency group cannot generally talk with each other or relay important information to the EOC or other key groups-- such as Baycare or HCSO.

    We have organized our volunteers to provide that comm need via a VHF net on the 147.225 using our Call Tree.

    We also have apossible need to support CERT at PODs (located at Prince of Peace Catholic Church parking lot) or local Red Cross, Salvation Army, or Church-sponsored relief groups.


    During a disaster a radio at the Club Station will be monitoring the EOC on 147.105 MHz on one of our VHF radios.
The Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) might call requesting that the Sun City Center Emergency Medical Service (EMS) send ambulances to Tampa General.

    The SCC Radio Club would be monitoring the 147.105 EOC Net Control Station and would copy the traffic.
They would use 147.225 Net Control Station KE4ZIP to contact the EMS squad.

    The ARES team ham stationed at the EMS squad would relay the message to the EMS Chief, get a response, and send the response back to the 147.225 Club Net Control Station. The Radio Club Net Control Station would pass the EMS response to our 147.105 NCS radio and thence back to EOC.

WCF Section ARES Emergency Coordinator/RACES
Neil Lauritsen W4NHL

Hillsborough CountyEC/RACES
Keating Floyd KC4HSI

Asst ECs & Deputy Races
Bill William AG4QX
Jodi Pecoraro KI4FWJ
Mike Fletcher NI4M
Bernie Huth W4BGH
Joe Ruiz KE4JR
Bill Miller N1CDO