Sun City Center Volunteer & Uniformed First Responder Groups


Provide communications between SCC volunteer first responder groups and Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Provide intercommunications between SCC volunteer first responder groups within the Greater SCC area

Emergency/Disaster Plan
Standard Operating Guide

Group Notes Location Telephone Radio website
SCC EMS Squad *1,*2 One Ray Watson Dr 813-633-1411 Emergency Squad
SCC EMS Squad (alt.) *2 South Pebble Beach Blvd.
SCC Security Patrol *1,*2 North Pebble Beach Blvd 813-642-2020 Security Patrol
C E R T *3 146.400 Simlex C E R T
SCC Community Assoc. 1009 N Pebble Beach Blvd 813-633-3500 Community Association
SCC Good Samaritans 1207 N Pebble Beech Blvd 813-634-9283
KP Community Assoc. 1904 Clubhouse Drive 813-642-8990 Kings Point Community
KP Security 1904 Clubhouse Drive 813-387-3461
South Bay Hospital *1,*2,*4 4016 Sun City Center Blvd 813-634-3301 South Bay Hospital
HCSO *5 Falkenburg Road 813-689-2701 146.610 PL 141.3 Sheriff/STARC
National Weather 2525 14th Ave SE, Ruskin 813-645-2323 145.430 pl 100 NWS/TBW
American Red Cross Shelter *6 3908 19th Ave NE
Shields School
813-672-5338 Shelter List
HCFR Engine #28 *6 4551 Sun City Center Blvd, 813-272-6600
Point of Distribution *6 United Methodist Church
1201 West Dell Web Blvd
*1   Go Kit at SCCARC
*2   VHF Antenna Installed at location
*3   Community Emergency Response Team
*4   Part of BEARS Radio Network
*5   Part of STARC Radio Club Network
*6   Supported upon request


  • Amateurs assigned to South Bay Hospital or HCSO will follow procedures specified by BEARS and STARC radio clubs, respectively.
  • Amateur operators don't generate 'traffic'. Traffic is generated only by the first responder groups the amateur is assigned to.
  • All traffic must be signed by leaders of 1st responder groups and be addressed to a leader of a 1st responder organization.
  • Amateurs and NCS stations will monitor only 1 frequency at a time to avoid missing important traffic.
  • No station shall monitor radio traffic on frequencies used by 1st responder groups unless so directed by the leader of that 1st responder group.
The local VHF net will be operated from KE4ZIP (if possible) using pre-assigned Net-Control (NCS) stations.

Kings Point ARC [W4KPR] will monitor HF traffic between EOC and SERT-Tallahassee and stand by as backup HF station for the County. KP ARC will also serve as backup VHF station (if needed) to KE4ZIP


When commercial radio/television announces the possibility of an emergency involving the immediate area, members of the radio clubs should begin monitoring the SCC repeater frequency (147.225) and the Hillsborough EOC frequency (147.105) on a frequent basis. At this point the following will occur --- :

  • The KP/SCC club president(s) and/or the W4KPR/KE4ZIP Emergency Coordinator(s) will assign specific club members as "net controllers" (NCS) on a rotating basis for a period of several hours to cover the time during and after the These operators will be selected from a list of those who have experience in net control and have backup radio equipment at their homes.
  • During the emergency, the NCS will maintain a communication link with the EOC, disseminating any information as requested to activated 1st responder groups and forwarding any information from Sun City Center/Kings Point as requested by served 1st responder groups.
  • During this period, the SCC VHF net frequency shall be a 'directed net' and under the control of the Net Control Station. All transmissions shall be directed to the NCS. Stations desiring to contact another station via this net must contact the NCS requesting permission to do so.
  • Communications within local 1st responder groups will be handled via specific radios within that group. When between-group communication is necessary, the NCS will be contacted and the stations will be assigned a designated simplex frequency whenever possible; to avoid jamming the main net frequencies.
  • All emergency or urgent traffic will be transmitted immediately. Health & welfare and routine traffic will be deferred until the emergency is passed, or will be assigned to frequencies not being used by the NCS stations.
  • First responder groups are expected to staff and equip their own amateur radio operators from within their group's own member ranks. The KP/SCC ARC Presidents; will identify and assign other amateurs for relief of these operators or supply additional equipment as needed.

Planned and Unplanned Emergencies


Advanced warning for this type of disaster is given days ahead of the onset. The following sequence will be used to activate all radio personnel.

  • The weather bureau will broadcast a "Hurricane Watch" over radio and TV. At this point the KE4ZIP emergency net on 147.225 will activate on a once a day basis to establish the availability of operators.

    The EOC will be monitored continuously.

    The NWS Skywarn Net on 145.430 will be activated by local KP/SCCARC Skywarn NCS amateurs operating from the NWS Ruskin offices.
  • As the Weather Bureau establishes a "Hurricane Warning" the KE4ZIP net will go on frequent or continuous activation. Decisions will be made regarding the location of net control (radio room or homes) during the emergency.

  • Contact will be made with Sun City/ Kings Point first-responder emergency groups to determine their communications readiness status. Teams will be selected to man the hospital, patrol, HCSO, and EMS radio system; if not pre-assigned. Needed radio equipment will be picked up from the KE4ZIP radio room and be held at the primary team leader's residence, preparatory to deploying to field locations.

  • Prior to the wind speed rising to 35 MPH, the primary teams for the hospital, HCSO, Patrol, and EMS will move into place. The KE4ZIP net will be in continuous operation with net control at the radio room or at homes as previously determined.

  • All unassigned amateur personnel will remain on standby and monitor 147.225 until the emergency has passed and the EOC has declared the disaster over and phone communications restored.

Other Emergencies:

Emergencies such as explosions, tanker fires, anhydrous ammonia leaks, etc, - which are not expected - will be handled in the same manner as above. Any member finding out about such an emergency should start a "calling tree" to alert operators to tune to the 147.225 VHF net.


Flexibility is the keynote in these emergency procedures. No two emergencies will be exactly the same and the system must be able to respond to these changes. This procedure is based upon the actions of the EOC. Assistance may also be requested from other organizations such as the Salvation Army or United Way directly; a nd we will be required to make the necessary adjustments in the above procedures.