Emergency Disaster Plan

Standard Operting Guide



Provide communications between SCC and EOC, HCS and EMS
Provide intercommunications among groups within SCC

  • CERT
  • Emergency Squad
  • SCC Community Assoc. (maintenance)
  • Kings Point Security/maintenance
  • Security Patrol
  • Samaritan Services
  • SCC County Fire/Rescue station (through EOC)
  • Any other qualified group within SCC

Provide communications between South Bay Hospital and EOC/ Hospital Net


In any emergency the prime function of the SCC/KP amateur radio clubs is to provide communication support for the above functions within SCC and Kings Point in the anticipated or actual absence of any phone communications. This will be accomplished through the 2-meter/70cm amateur radio bands utilizing equipment located in the SCCARC radio room and equipment operated at the homes of selected operators. When commercial radio/television announces the possibility of an emergency involving the immediate area, members of the radio clubs will begin to monitor the SCC repeater frequency (147.225) and the Hillsborough EOC frequency (147.105) on a frequent basis. A radio system "Emergency Net" will be activated  at such times as the SCC club president and/or emergency coordinator deem it necessary,  the EOC formally is activated, or  when the weather bureau broadcasts watches/warnings. At this point the following will occur ---

  • The SCC club president and/or Emergency Coordinator will assign specific club members as "net controllers" on a rotating basis for a period of several days to cover the time during and after the emergency. These operators will be from a list of those who have experience in net control and have the prerequisite equipment at their homes.

  • During the emergency, the net controllers will maintain a communication link with the EOC, disseminating any information to all interested parties having access to 2-meter radios in the area and forwarding any information from Sun City Center/Kings Point.

  • During this period, the net frequency shall be a directed net and under the control of the Net Control Station. Communications shall be directed to the NCS and stations desiring to contact another station via this net will contact the NCS requesting permission to do so.

  • After the emergency, the NCS will continue from individual homes OR from the SCCARC radio room if practical. The link will continue to be between EOC, and the SCC groups.

  • The NCS will also maintain links between the various SCC/KP internal groups as may be requested (i.e.: between CERT and Emergency Squad, etc). Amateur radio club members who are also members of the above groups will be called upon to act as the groups' 2-meter radio operators.

  • In the event that the 147.225 repeater equipment should fail, the net control will shift to a simplex frequency that will be determined and announced prior to the onset of the emergency.

  • Communications between individuals within each group will be handled via specific radios within that group.

  • Any and all emergency or urgent traffic is encouraged and will be transmitted as requested. The system will continue to operate and all emergency/urgent traffic will be handled until the emergency is over and telephone service has been fully restored. During the emergency formal  emergency, priority, welfare and routine traffic will be handled in accordance with ARRL precedence.

South Bay Hospital:

An antenna for a 2-meter/70cm station is now located at the hospital and will be a part of an independent station to service the hospital communication needs with the EOC and the Hospital Net. A pre-selected team will go to the hospital with a club radio, which will be connected to the antenna system and will handle all radio communications at that location. Relief operators will be sent as necessary and when it is feasible for the relief to get there. This station's prime function is to handle hospital traffic but may also be requested to handle some EOC traffic from the NCS if a problem develops with that link. It is also a backup station for the NCS.

Activation Sequence in the Event of a Disaster

Hurricanes: Advanced warning for this type of disaster is given days ahead of the onset. The following sequence will be used to activate all radio personnel.

  • The weather bureau will broadcast a "Hurricane Watch" over radio and TV. At this point the ARC emergency net on 147.225 will activate on a once a day basis to establish the availability of operators at that time. The EOC will be monitored continuously.
    1. As the Weather Bureau establishes a "Hurricane Warning" the ARC will do the following.The ARC net will go on frequent or continuous activation. Decisions will be made regarding the location of net control (radio room or homes) during the emergency. Contact will be made with Sun City/ Kings Point emergency groups to determine their communications readiness status.
    2. Teams will be selected to man the hospital radio system. The radio equipment will be picked up from the radio room and be held at the primary team's residence, preparatory to moving to the hospital at a later time. The hospital will NOT call for assistance. We are automatically invited to the hospital prior to the emergency to set up the radio or just be in the building on standby if the "board room" is in use.
  • Prior to the wind speed rising to 35 MPH, the primary team for the hospital will move into place. The ARC net will be in continuous operation with net control at the radio room or homes as previously determined. All personnel will be on standby and monitoring radios until the emergency has passed whereupon the system will be in continuous operation until all emergencies have been handled, the EOC has declared the disaster over and phone communications
  • have been restored.


The advanced warning for this type disaster is very short. Weather Bureau warnings are issued only minutes in advance of an onset through radio and TV. ARC members should be tuned to the 147.225 net frequency when weather conditions suggest a potential problem is developing. As the Bureau broadcasts a warning the emergency net will be setup using whatever qualified operators are available from whatever location. A status of available operators will be made. Hospital teams will be selected but they will NOT go to the hospital at this time. All operators will remain at home until the emergency has passed whereupon the functions mentioned above under "Hurricanes" will be put into effect.

Other Emergencies:

Emergencies such as explosions, tanker fires, anhydrous ammonia leaks, etc, which are not obvious to the citizens in the area will be handled as mentioned in "Tornadoes". Any member finding out about such an emergency should start a "calling tree" to alert operators to tune to the net.

General Notes

Flexibility is the keynote in these emergency procedures. No two emergencies will be exactly the same and the system must be able to respond to these changes. This procedure is based upon the actions of the EOC. Assistance may also be requested from other organizations such as the HCS and EMS directly and we will be required to make the necessary adjustments in the above procedures.